ONLINE CATALOG is a registered affiliate of GoGreen Solar, whose online catalog features a variety of solar and wind systems. . When ordering from our extensive product lines , you'll save money while freeing yourself from the constraints of being "tied to the grid". Our catalog features a huge selection of solar power, wind energy, hydro electric, sustainable living and green building products.

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ReadySolar - Solar in a Box
Ready Solar is changing the way Solar Electric Systems are installed.Ready Solar's standardized residential solar electric systems are pre-engineered and pre-assembled, making them the easiest way to install solar. Ready Solar's Standardized Systems Include EVERYTHING to install solar. Solar in a Box takes less than half the time to install than traditional solar.

Sanyo Solar Panel 195 watt
Sanyo HIT® Double bifacial solar panels are World leaders in sunlight conversion efficiency, helping customers to enjoy the maximum power per square foot from available space.

Evergreen Solar PV Modules
Evergreen Solar is a rapidly growing independent U.S. company with an innovative String Ribbon™ polycrystalline production technology. String Ribbon produces a silicon wafer by drawing up a film of molten silicon between two strings, like a soap bubble.

From individual panels to complete grid-tied systems

1.1kW Grid-Tied Solar Electric System
# 1.1kW Grid-Tied Solar Electric System Engineered Grid-Tie PV Systems: 1.1kW grid-tie PV power systems are designed for use on residential and small commercial buildings. They consist of high quality Evergreen (PV) modules, a Kaco inverter, array wiring, DC and AC disconnects, UniRac mounting structures..

Other Solar Products

Air Breeze Marine Wind Turbine
Small wind electric systems can deliver serious energy. This is just one lesson people are learning all around the world. From remote homes and cabins to rural communications towers and monitoring stations, people are using small wind system to generate inexpensive energy, right where it's needed. And for a great many of these people, the system of choice is Southwest Windpower's Air generator.

Today, Air Breeze, the new generation of the world's best-selling small wind generator, powers countless lights, radios, computers, tools and appliances. It is also used widely to complement solar PV systems. Air Breeze is a perfect choice for hybrid wind/solar systems that provide you with the most reliable year-round energy supply.


Skystream 3.7 Grid Tie 1.8kW Wind Power System
The Skystream 3.7™ is a new generation residential wind generator that hooks up to your your home to reduce or eliminate your monthly electrical bill. It's the first all-inclusive wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to provide quiet, clean electricity in very low winds. This makes Skystream ideal for residential homes and small businesses $6,212.00

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The Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger Charges iPods, cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs, game players, GPS units, or digital cameras.

Real Goods Solar Living Source Book $25.20

Solar Powered Fan Attic

The Fan-Attic is the award-winning solar-powered attic ventilation system that installs in just 30 minutes and works to ventilate your attic all day long. Because it's solar-powered, it costs nothing....


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